Be Ceremonial

Moments Across the Life Cycle

Be Ceremonial is the world’s first ceremony creation platform, empowering you to choose from secular and universal rituals to create a ceremony unique to you.

Build your own ceremony

What Is Ceremony?

A ceremony can help you acknowledge what you’re holding during a moment of change or time of transition in life.

Rituals are important to our mental health because they provide us with an opportunity to express what we’re feeling, gain a sense of agency, and live out our values.

Ceremonies We Offer

With a focus on beginning of life and end of life, we offer ceremonies that span the life cycle. 

Each ceremony offers you 30+ secular or universal rituals to choose from, each one designed to help you process an experience or time of change on your own terms.

The Gift of Ceremony

Create a ceremony for yourself or gift the experience to someone you know, such as a client, patient, friend, or family member.

You can guide them through the experience or let them choose their own rituals. You can even source some of the items they’ll need to add to the gift experience.

Create your own ceremony!