Be Ceremonial

Ceremonies Across the Life Cycle

Be Ceremonial is the world’s first ceremony creation platform, empowering you to choose your own rituals and create a ceremony that tells your unique story.

Build your own ceremony

What Is Ceremony

A ceremony can help you acknowledge a moment of change or time of transition in your life. It’s a way to understand and express what you’re holding in a meaningful way.

Ceremonies can help you reflect on the past, find presence in the moment, and be intentional with how you move forward.

Ceremonies We Offer

From birth to death, to the significant moments in between, we offer ceremonies that span the life cycle.

Each ceremony offers you 30 secular or universal rituals to choose from, each one designed to help you process an experience or time of change. 

Create for yourself or for others

The Gift of Ceremony

Create ceremonies for yourself or gift the experience to someone you care for. Whether it’s your client, your patient, your friend, or family member, you can create a ceremony for someone else and invite them to choose the rituals they connect with most. 

Create your own ceremony!