About Us

After experiencing recurrent loss and invisible grief, we started to explore the evolving nature of ritual and ceremony. We started to craft nature-inspired rituals to help acknowledge moments of change and times of uncertainty. Our mission became clear – to inspire creativity and make ceremony more accessible.

Our Story

We stumbled into ceremony after experiencing recurrent miscarriages and the prolonged death of a parent. We didn’t know how how to grieve the seemingly invisible moments, especially since we didn’t prescribe to a set religion or spiritual philosophy. We decided to created our own rituals to mark those moments in ways that felt meaningful and intentional to us. We told our story through ceremony.

With the sudden onset of Covid-19,  we found ourselves unemployed with two small kids at home, trying to navigate rising anxiety and anticipatory grief. We started to develop rituals to acknowledge what was, what is, and what will be. People from all over the world started to reach out, asking us for tools and techniques to create their own rituals and virtual ceremonies. We decided to build an online platform that would empower people to create modern rituals that reflected their values and current reality.

We believe that we can all create rituals and ceremonies that mark our moments of change with intention; sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration, a blueprint to draw from, and a reminder that we are all seeking ceremony.

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team, with the support and guidance of an amazing community of care providers, wellness practitioners, healthcare advocates, and change makers. 

Megan Sheldon, Creative Director

Megan Sheldon (she/her) is a mythologist, storyteller, and celebrant. Her passion is bringing people together to share stories, acknowledge experiences, and create community. She’s the Founder of Narrative Communications, Seeking Ceremony, and Be Ceremonial. She’s convened hundreds of workshops, retreats, and ceremonies that span the life cycle. After her own experience with recurrent miscarriage, she set out to transform the way her local hospital addressed pregnancy and infant loss, and has since started a non-profit initiative to empower families with ceremony toolkits to acknowledge their grief, support their emotional wellness, and bring their community together through storytelling.

Johan Hoglund, Technical Director

Johan Hoglund (he/his) is an entrepreneur and software engineer, driven by a desire to solve the problems we face as a society. He’s spent most of his career creating systems to better understand and address how we interact with technology, and he is passionate about slow technology. He believes that technology is an instrument, helping us create the life we want. After losing his father, he realized how important it is to mark both the big moments in life as well as the smaller, less visible ones. It’s the small moments that define the life we lead, and it’s how we share those experiences that define our legacy. 

Our Team

We are drawn to those who see the power and potential of ritual, especially as it relates to how we experience life and death. We are always open to collaborations and co-creations, because we know that we are stronger together. 

Kate Love, Director of Learning

Kate is a certified Life & Loss Coach with a focus on postpartum, grief, and legacy coaching. With a background in social work, she has a passion for deep conversations around how we care for ourselves so we can take care of others. As the Co-Founder of Seeking Ceremony, she’s curious and passionate about our relationship to ceremony, including how we bring ritual into our daily life. As the Director of Learning for Be Ceremonial, Kate develops rituals that support our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and she helps lead our virtual training programs. 

Our Circle of Advisors

We are fortunate to have an amazing circle of advisors surrounding our vision and our various initiatives. We are grateful for each person who holds us accountable, who empowers us with information, and who helps us make decisions that reflect both our values and the values of those we serve. These are only a few of the phenomenal people who helped make Be Ceremonial what it is today:

Felicia Chang

Felicia is a visual storyteller and documentary photographer. She works with birth and death doulas, midwives, and care providers to create space for grief to be felt and seen.  She facilitates courses on using photography and writing to explore and express our personal relationship with grief.

Tracy Chalmers

Tracy is an End of Life Doula and sits on the board of the End of Life Doula Association of Canada. She facilitates the End of Life Doula course offered by Douglas College, volunteers at her local Hospice, and sits vigil for people who are actively dying in local care homes. She supports our EOL ritual training courses for care providers. 

Nicole Heidbreder

Nicole works as a Labor & Delivery and Hospice Nurse. She facilitates birth doula workshops and trains nursing students for Johns Hopkins University’s Birth Companions Program. She also teaches workshops for the International End of Life Doula Association. She supports our Beginning of Life ritual training courses.

Michelle Tyliakos

Michelle is the founder of Transforming Birth, where she draws on her skills as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Empowerment Coach, Mother, and Advocate to support women on their journey through parenthood. She was one of our first users, helping us develop language and flow that best supports birth care providers. 

“We are all able to craft our own rituals. Humankind has always crafted ritual to mark special events, moments, and places. With the advent of urbanization, we became removed from this creative process as institutions took over.”

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

Our Other Initiatives