For Care Providers

This platform empowers care providers and wellness practitioners to support clients / patients with ritual during moments of change and times of transition. 

Beginning of Life

For birth care providers and practitioners including naturopaths, birth doulas, midwives, nurses, lactation consultants, life coaches, counsellors, and celebrants.

Infertility | Loss | Birth | Postpartum

End of Life

For death care providers and practitioners including end of life doulas, funeral directors, hospice volunteers, grief coaches, counsellors, and celebrants.

Diagnosis | Death | Bereavement | Grief

Your Ceremony Toolkit

We provide you with the tools you need to co-create ceremonies with the people you care for, bringing ritual into the lives of anyone who wants support navigating this experience. 


Create ceremonies for patients / clients to support them with a specific moment of change.


Send clients a unique link and empower them to choose the rituals they connect with most.


Explore all of the different moments and milestones you can bring ritual and ceremony into.


Learn how to become more ceremonial with weekly tips, tutorials, and stories from our community.

Ready to start creating?