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Birth Closing Ceremony

Be Ceremonial’s unique platform helps you create a Birth Closing ceremony by choosing from our library of curated rituals to acknowledge your unique experience.

What is a Birth Closing Ceremony?

A birth closing ceremony helps you acknowledge your birthing experience after it’s taken place, especially if it didn’t go according to plan. It’s an opportunity to reflect back and rewrite the story in a way that feels empowering.

The experience of childbirth can be a vulnerable time, full of heightened emotions and societal expectations. A birth closing ceremony is designed to help you honour your birth story in a way that feels good for you. Choose from rituals to help you release, accept, and honour the birth for what it was, not what you thought it would be.

What is a birth closing ceremony
The importance of a birth closing ceremony

Why is it Important?

Many cultures around the world encourage a mother who has just given birth to process her experience. Taking the time to pause, reflect, and be intentional with how you remember and share your birth experience can do wonders for your own wellbeing as you transition into motherhood.

Creating a ceremony to reflect back on your birthing experience can help you revisit that time with a renewed sense of self. It can also help you process any residual or lingering emotions through a ritual lens.

How do I create a Birth Closing ceremony?

However you choose to acknowledge this time of transition, our app will guide you through the process. You can choose to create a ceremony on your own, with a friend, or as a group. You can even gift this experience to someone you care for.

With hundreds of universal rituals to choose from, our app offers something for everyone. Simply follow our ritual framework to create a ceremony unique to you.

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