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Pregnancy Ceremony

Be Ceremonial’s unique platform helps you create a Pregnancy ceremony by choosing from our library of curated rituals to acknowledge your unique experience.

What is a Pregnancy Ceremony?

A pregnancy ceremony draws on rituals designed to help you acknowledge different aspects of your pregnancy journey, including the moments and milestones that feel significant to you.

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant through to the days leading up to birth, there are rituals that can help you connect with yourself, your baby, and the people who surround you leading up to birth.

What is a pregnancy ceremony?
The importance of a pregnancy ceremony

Why is it Important?

The pregnancy journey is full of moments that are publicly recognized and celebrated. There are also so many invisible moments that often go by unacknowledged. By creating a ceremony to honour your own experiences leading up to and during pregnancy, you can validate your feelings and connect with your own needs.

This ceremony can be done on your own, with a partner, or with your people. However you choose to mark the moments that feel important to you, it can help you be more mindful and present during your pregnancy.

How do I create a Pregnancy ceremony?

However you choose to acknowledge this time of transition, our app will guide you through the process. You can choose to create a ceremony on your own, with a friend, or as a group. You can even gift this experience to someone you care for.

With hundreds of universal rituals to choose from, our app offers something for everyone. Simply follow our ritual framework to create a ceremony unique to you.

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