Our Features

We designed our platform to both teach you about ritual, and inspire you to create your own ceremonies. Our members can create unlimited ceremonies for themselves and those they care for.

Make Ceremony Accessible

Our online platform is simple and easy to navigate, making it possible for anyone to create a personalized, unique ceremony.

You can choose from our library of universal, secular rituals, with the invitation to add your own elements. Our rituals are descriptive not prescriptive, making them accessible for everyone.

The Invisible Moments

Some rituals can feel performative or prescriptive, and are often associated with public events like weddings and funerals. 

We offer ritual inspiration for those seemingly invisible moments, such as infertility and death anniversaries, helping you move through quieter, everyday moments with intention and support. 

Across the Lifecycle

We’ve designed our ceremonies to follow the life cycle, helping you acknowledge each stage of life and death with ritual. 

Once you start recognizing the potential for ceremony, you’ll see opportunities everywhere! With your membership, you can create as many ceremonies as you need along your journey.

Types of Ceremonies

Each ceremony includes specific rituals designed to support that moment of change or time of transition. We will continue to add more ceremonies that span the life cycle, acknowledging all kinds of moments and milestones. We currently offer the following types of ceremonies:

*Free Seasonal Ceremonies

Sign up for a free account and you’ll receive access to our seasonal ceremonies, letting you test drive our platform while inspiring you with ritual ideas. 

Beginning of Life

From infertility to pregnancy loss, mother blessings to birth stories, we want to shift the narratives surrounding fertility, birth, and motherhood. These are some of the ceremonies we currently offer: 

Lifestyle & Relationships

With a focus on how we begin and end significant moments in our life, we want to offer you creative ways to move through big and small milestones. These are some of the ceremonies we currently offer: 

End of Life

From diagnosis to time of death, memorials to legacy keeping, we want to support people with rituals surrounding death, dying, and grief.  These are some of the ceremonies we currently offer: 

Styles of Ceremony

Each type of ceremony offers four styles to choose from, each one featuring specific rituals designed to support whoever is joining or participating in the ceremony. 


Create a ceremony for one person, with self care rituals being the focus.


Create a ceremony for two people, igniting important conversations.


Create a ceremony for a small group or a large community.


Create a virtual ceremony that connects people beyond the screen.

Ready to start creating?