Our Features

The Be Ceremonial platform simplifies the ceremony creation process by empowering anyone to create a ceremony to acknowledge a moment of change in their lives. 

Making Ceremony Accessible

Our online platform is simple and easy to navigate, making it possible for anyone to create a personalized ceremony.

We offer universal, secular rituals to choose from, with the invitation to add your own personal or spiritual elements. Our rituals are descriptive not prescriptive, making them accessible for everyone.

Acknowledging Invisible Moments

Most of the ceremonies we are familiar with are designed around highly visible moments, like a wedding or funeral. 

We offer ritual inspiration for the seemingly invisible moments, helping you acknowledge those quieter, less visible moments of change with intention and connection. 

Create Unlimited Ceremonies

You can create as many ceremonies as you need, for yourself or for others if you have the Care Provider account.  you can create as many ceremonies as you want. 

We’ve designed our ceremonies to follow the life cycle, so you can honour and acknowledge each stage of your journey with ritual. 

Types of Ceremonies

We currently offer the following types of ceremonies surrounding birth and death. Each ceremony includes specific rituals to choose from, helping acknowledge a particular moment or milestone.

Beginning of Life

End of Life

Styles of Ceremony

Each type of ceremony offers four styles to choose from, each one featuring specific rituals designed to support whoever is joining or participating in the ceremony. 


Create a ceremony for one person


Create a ceremony for two people


Create a ceremony for a group


Create a virtual ceremony

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