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Janie Brown Interview

Join Janie Brown and Megan Sheldon for this heart-opening conversation exploring rituals and ceremonies that can support a cancer journey.

Rituals On A Cancer Journey

Join Janie Brown, founder of Callanish Cancer Society, and Megan Sheldon, co-founder of Be Ceremonial, for this heart-opening conversation exploring the importance of ritual and ceremony during a cancer journey.

During our interview, we explore the invisible moments along a cancer journey, as well as rituals to face difficult experiences, including losing an organ or body part. We talk about the importance of anger rituals and the need to scream, using ceremony to prepare for death, and how we can live our legacy before we die.

Preparing for a mastectomy

Cancer and Ceremony

A cancer diagnosis can feel like your life is upended. Rituals and ceremonies can provide a sense of grounding and control during this uncertain time.

Cancer treatment often involves a loss of control. Ceremonies can be a way to reclaim a sense of agency and make choices about your healing process. Rituals can be a way to process difficult emotions like anger or fear, mark milestones like finishing chemo, and create meaning around your personal experiences.

Who Is Janie Brown

Janie Brown is an author, a leader in oncology nursing, the founder and executive director of a nonprofit organization called the Callanish Society, in Vancouver, Canada, and a visionary for new global conversations about living, healing, death and dying.

After almost twenty-five years, and 100 retreats, the Callanish Society is a healing centre that supports families with cancer to strengthen into life, and/or into death, with grace and dignity. Janie works there full time as Executive Director and family counsellor.

Janie Brown and Megan Sheldon

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