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Guided Rituals and Ceremonies

Our guided ritual app empowers you to choose from our daily rituals and create your own rites of passage ceremonies.

Build your own ceremony

Why Are Rituals Needed?

Rituals are intentional, symbolic actions that help you bring meaning to your life. A ceremony is a string of rituals held within a meaningful container.

Ceremonies invite you to acknowledge both rites of passage and other milestones you move through with attention and intention.

Why Are Rituals Needed?​
Daily Rituals for Self Care​

Daily Rituals for Self Care

Daily rituals can help you be more present so you can move through moments of change with awareness.

We offer nature-inspired rituals that are universal or secular to begin with, with the invitation to then add your own spiritual, cultural or personal meaning. 

Ceremonies Across the Lifecycle

Our signature framework empowers you to create your own ceremonies by drawing from the traditional rite of passage structure.

Our ceremonies span the lifecycle, including fertility & birth, pregnancy loss, lifestyle & relationships, seasonal, end of life, and grief. There are so many moments that deserve to be recognized.

Ceremonies Across the Lifecycle​

Who We Are

We’re a husband and wife team who recognized the lack of ritual and ceremony in our personal lives, especially since we aren’t religious nor do we have strong cultural traditions

We spent the past decade researching, learning, and curating ceremonies for people around the world. We then added all of our knowledge and experience into this App, empowering you to create your own ceremonies.

Who We Are​

Create your own ceremony!

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