Be Ceremonial

The Be Ceremonial App

The Be Ceremonial App is the world’s first guided ritual platform, empowering you to create your own daily rituals and rite of passage ceremonies.

What does the App offer?

The Be Ceremonial App has three main pillars: Daily Rituals, Life Ceremonies, and Learning Space. You can choose from 72 daily rituals for self care, create larger ceremonies to acknowledge rites of passage, or learn from us and from others with video workshops.

What does the App offer?​

Daily Rituals for Self Care

Our app currently offers 72 pre-curated, guided rituals to choose from, with the invitation to add your own elements and adjust to reflect your own experience.

These rituals help you mark the moments, moods and needs you face in everyday life with more intention and meaning.

Daily Rituals for Self Care​

Life Ceremonies for Rites of Passage

Our app currently offers 40 ceremonies across the lifecyle, from birth to death. Each ceremony type offers 30+ secular and universal rituals to draw from, designed to support you through a rite of passage or time of transition.

We’ve created a ‘choose your own ritual adventure’ experience, inspiring you with ritual ideas and our signature structure to give you a place to start as you acknowledge a significant moment or milestone in your life.

Life Ceremonies for Rites of Passage​

A Community of Learning

With your membership, you can access pre-recorded workshops, ceremony interviews with experts in various fields, and join online gatherings with people around the world. 

You can also access our online community, The Village, where you can ask questions, seek support, and connect with others in our growing community.

A Community of Learning​
How does it work?​

How does it work?

The Be Ceremonial App is simple and easy to navigate, making it possible for anyone to create a personalized ceremony.

You can access our App through your browser or you can download our mobile app in the App store (only in select countries). Our rituals and ceremonies are currently only available in English. 

Who is it for?

The Be Ceremonial App is for anyone wanting to acknowledge a significant moment of change they’re facing or a pivotal milestone in their life.

Our rituals are universal or secular to begin with, with the invitation to add your own spiritual, cultural or personal meaning. We are mindful of not appropriating from other cultures and try to offer nature-inspired ingredients that can be found with little to no additional cost.

Who is it for?​
How much does it cost?​

How much does it cost?

Our app is free to download and set up an account. With the free account, you can access a few daily rituals and lifecycle ceremonies  You also watch our Ceremony Stories and access our Introduction to Ceremony workshop.

Our membership is either a monthly or annual subscription that gives you access to all of our ceremonies, daily rituals, live and pre-recorded workshops, and our online community (hosted on Facebook).

Here's a Video Walkthrough:

Our Ceremony Creation Process:

Different types of ceremony

1. Pick Your Ceremony Type

Once you’ve activated your membership, you can browse all of the ceremonies we offer and choose the one you would like to create. If you don’t see the specific ceremony you are looking for, you can choose one that is related or similar. 

Different styles of ceremonies

2. Select Your Style​

Once you’ve chosen your ceremony type, you can select your style. You can create a ceremony for yourself, for two people, for a group of any size, or for a virtual setting. You can always change your participant group later, or create a separate ceremony with a different style.

Select from hundreds of rituals

3. Choose Your Rituals​

Our signature five-stage approach follows the traditional rite of passage structure, inviting you to choose a ritual to open your ceremony, a ritual to acknowledge what was, what is, and what will be, and finally a ritual to close your ceremony. 

Prepare for your ceremony

4. Perform Your Ceremony​

Once you’ve chosen your rituals, you’ll receive a list of everything you need to prepare ahead of time. You can print the ceremony or follow along on your phone with our guided prompts. You can add new elements or adjust the rituals you’ve chosen to support your needs.

Ready to start creating?