Be Ceremonial

The Be Ceremonial App

The Be Ceremonial App is the world’s first DIY ceremony platform, guiding you to create your own ceremonies across the life cycle ~ from birth to death to everything in between.

What is the App?

The Be Ceremonial App is simple and easy to navigate, making it possible for anyone to create a personalized ceremony. Our mobile app is free to download in the App stores (for select countries) or you can access it with a web-based browser anywhere in the world.

Who is it for?

The Be Ceremonial App is for anyone looking to acknowledge a significant moment or milestone in their life. You can purchase a single ceremony or start an annual membership to create unlimited ceremonies and access our online community & courses.

1. Pick Your Type​

Browse all of the ceremonies we offer and choose the one you would like to create. If you don’t see the specific ceremony you are looking for, you can choose one that is related or similar. You can purchase a one time ceremony or start a subscription. You can even gift the ceremony experience to someone you know, such as a client, patient, or friend. 

2. Select Your Style​

Once you’ve chosen your ceremony type, you will then be prompted to select your style of ceremony. You can create a solo ceremony just for yourself, for two people, for a group of any size, or for a virtual setting. The rituals you choose will be adapted to the style of ceremony you’ve chosen. You can always change your participant group later, or create a separate ceremony with a different style.

3. Choose Your Rituals​

Once you’ve chosen your ceremony type and style, you can start browsing our curated list of universal rituals. Our rituals are descriptive not prescriptive, meaning they are designed to be adapted and adjusted based on your individual needs. Our signature five-stage approach follows the traditional rite of passage structure, inviting you to choose a ritual to open your ceremony, a ritual to acknowledge what was, what is, and what will be, and finally a ritual to close your ceremony. 

4. Perform Your Ceremony​

Once you’ve chosen your rituals, you’ll receive a list of everything you need to prepare for and gather ahead of time. You can print the ceremony or follow along on your phone. Our ceremonies include guided prompts and language to draw from, with the invitation to add your own elements. They are meant to inspire you with ideas and give you a place to start as you curate your own ceremonial experience. 

How to Create a Ceremony

Ready to start creating?