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Hospice Wellness Plan

Sign your hospice or care provider team up for our Group Wellness Plan and give them the tools and techniques they need to support themselves and others during times of grief and loss.

Employee Mental Health & Wellness​

Avoid Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

It’s easy for hospice staff and volunteers to feel overwhelmed when they’re going through transitions in their personal lives and also supporting others during times of grief and loss.

Give your hospice team the support they need to navigate both the daily moments of transition and the big life events they’re moving through, and help them support their community too.

Universal & Secular Rituals

The Be Ceremonial app offers rituals that are secular by nature, with the invitation to add your own personal meaning and cultural beliefs. We avoid cultural appropriation and draw on universal rituals.

This means that no matter what your team’s background is, they’ll find inspiration and support within our accessible and approachable framework. 

Universal & Secular Rituals​
Significant Life Events​

Significant Life Events

Be Ceremonial empowers people to acknowledge their experiences surrounding significant life events as well as daily moments of change.

Whether it’s moments surrounding birth or end of life, we offer ceremonies that span the lifecycle.  With a focus on the less visible moments, we have ceremonies for infertility, pregnancy loss, divorce, job loss, seasonal changes, grief and legacy keeping.

Everyday Moments

Our universal rituals are descriptive not prescriptive, meaning they’ve been designed to meet you where you’re at. Everyone can draw inspiration from our rituals, adding your own personal meaning and symbolism. 

By bringing ritual into everyday moments, you build up your ritual muscles so you can move through more significant moments of change with intention and awareness.

Everyday Moments​
Team building

What's Included?

  • A personalized onboarding workshop for your team
  • Easily manage team invites and access
  • Annual plan discount based on number of participants
  • Member access to all daily rituals for self care
  • Member access to all ceremonies for big life events
  • Member access to video workshops and interviews
  • Member access to The Village, our online community
  • Discounts on ongoing workshops to support you as needed

Who Is This Best Suited For?

  • Hospices
  • Care Homes
  • Death Doula Collectives
  • Grief and Bereavement Groups
Employee Mental Health Matters

Case Study: Vancouver Hospice Society

Vancouver Hospice Society is a team of healthcare professionals, staff and volunteers who are dedicated to providing compassionate end-of-life and bereavement care for individuals and their families in Vancouver.

They wanted to gift their entire team with yearly memberships to Be Ceremonial to support them in their personal lives as well as in their professional work. The way we care for ourselves and for others is incredibly important in end-of-life care work. Community care is essential.

"The ritual education session with Megan was phenomenal. The feedback was very positive with everyone saying the discussion around ritual and ceremony was excellent. The ceremony was a beautiful way to end the day."

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