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The Social Impact Startup Podcast

Episode 62: Rituals, reimagining growth, acknowledging change & letting go of perfection with Megan Sheldon - Co-Founder & CEO, Be Ceremonial

Koru Cremation

How to bring secular rituals into life and death experiences, by Megan Sheldon

CBC The Doc Project

Rediscovering Ritual: Kent Hoffman leads a conversation with Megan Sheldon, co-founder of Be Ceremonial, and author Stephen Jenkinson.

The Greater Good: Social Entrepreneurship for Everyday People

Madeleine Shaw presents an inspiring look at how a new generation of non-traditional entrepreneurs can use their personal values and vision to launch and grow world-changing ventures.

CBC News

Funeral industry develops new ways of coping with loss as loved ones struggle with isolated grieving, by Joel Ballard

North Shore News

Ceremony box Initiative helps parents grieving pregnancy loss, by Ben Bengtson