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House Cooling Ceremony

Be Ceremonial’s unique platform helps you create a House Cooling ceremony by choosing from our library of curated rituals to acknowledge your unique experience.

What is a House Cooling Ceremony?

A house cooling ceremony is designed to help you leave your home in a way that celebrates your memories and stories while also helping you close this chapter before moving to your next home. These rituals can help you reflect on the space in new and unexpected ways, remembering your time living here and acknowledging what you want to leave behind and what you want to carry forward.

What is a house cooling ceremony?
The importance of a house cooling ceremony

Why is it Important?

So often we focus on what lies ahead, and we forget to acknowledge what we’re leaving behind. Moving homes can stir up so many emotions and memories, and failing to acknowledge those emotions can often impact us later on.

A House Cooling ceremony offers you an opportunity to reflect on the stories you experienced in your home, create moments to be present and not rush through, and setting intentions for the future and how you want to move into this next chapter.

How do I create a House Cooling ceremony?

However you choose to acknowledge this time of transition, our app will guide you through the process. You can choose to create a ceremony on your own, with a friend, or as a group. You can even gift this experience to someone you care for.

With hundreds of universal rituals to choose from, our app offers something for everyone. Simply follow our ritual framework to create a ceremony unique to you.

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