Be Ceremonial

Why Ceremony?

Ceremony helps us move through times of change with attention and intention. It’s a way to express what we’re holding and experiencing in a purposeful, meaningful way.

What is a Ritual?

For us, a ritual is an intentional, symbolic action that hopes to create meaning in our lives. It can exist on its own, as a singular activity, or as part of a larger ceremony. 

A ritual doesn’t need to be religious, rigid or even repeated in order to create an impact. It simply needs to be personal and meaningful to you

What is a Ritual?​

What is a Ceremony?

For us, a ceremony is a string of rituals woven together to tell a story of a particular event or experience. The rituals are chosen to acknowledge what was, what is and what will be, following the traditional rite of passage framework. 

Ceremonies help us move through moments of change and times of transition with awareness, intention and meaning. 

What is a Ceremony?​

Why is Ceremony Important?

A ceremony can help you acknowledge what you’re holding in connection to a time of change in life. A ceremony can connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. 

There are so many big and small milestones we move through, and a ceremony can help you honour the visible and invisible moments with attention and intention. 

Why is Ceremony Important?​

Rituals and Our Mental Health

Rituals support our mental health and wellness by inviting us to acknowledge our emotions as they arise rather than pushing them down or shoving them aside.

We are naturally ceremonial and we crave rituals to acknowledge change in our lives. Rituals give us the space to process the events and experiences we move through. 

Rituals and Our Mental Health​

The Benefits of Ritual:

Self Care

Rituals can help us acknowledge the emotions we're holding, giving us a meaningful space to process and validate our experiences.

Community Care

Rituals create shared experiences that connect people, giving us a universal language to draw from and the opportunity to come together.

Holistic Wellness

Rituals support our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health by validating the emotions that arise during times of change.

Legacy Keeping

Ceremonies give us the opportunity to consider what our legacy will be after we die, inviting us to live with intention and meaning.