Why Ceremony

Ceremony helps us move through moments of change and times of transition with intention and create our own meaning. 

What is ceremony?

A ceremony is a series of rituals, acknowledging what was, what is and what will be. It’s a snapshot in time that helps us release from the past, accept the present moment, and set intentions for the future.

A ritual is an intentional action that creates meaning. If ceremony is the cooking pot, then rituals are the ingredients. Together, they can help us move through times of change and uncertainty. 

The power of ceremony

A ceremony helps us create meaning during moments of change and times of transition. There are many ways ritual and ceremony can support us: 

Self Care

Rituals help us acknowledge all of the emotions we feel, helping us find balance within ourselves so we can then care for others.

Community Care

Ritual connects us with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us by giving us a universal language to draw from.

Complete Wellness

Rituals can help us find physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness by processing our experiences and feelings.

Legacy Stories

The most powerful ceremonies create space for our stories to be heard, shared, and carried forward with intention, shaping our legacy.