Be Ceremonial

Why Ceremony?

Ceremony helps us move through times of change with intention. It’s a way to express what we’re holding in a safe, meaningful way.

What is Ritual and Ceremony?

A ritual is an intentional action that helps us create meaning. It can exist on its own or as part of a larger ceremony. 

A ceremony is a series of rituals brought together in a way that creates an experience. Ceremonies help us share our stories during moments of change or times of transition. 

Why is Ceremony Important?

Ceremonies can help you acknowledge both the big and small milestones in life, helping you honour those visible and invisible moments of change. Rituals can connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. 

Self Care

Rituals can help us acknowledge what we're holding, giving us a meaningful space to process our experiences and emotions.

Community Care

Rituals create shared experiences that connect people, giving us a universal language to draw from and communicate our experiences.

Holistic Wellness

Rituals can help us address our own wellbeing, taking into consideration our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Legacy Keeping

Ceremonies create an opportunity for our legacy to be created, shared, and carried forward with intention and meaning.