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Life Ceremonies

We offer ceremonies that span the life cycle, helping you acknowledge moments of change and times of transition with intention and meaning.

From Birth to Death

We offer ceremonies that span the life cycle, helping you acknowledge the significant moments of change that surround birth, death, and everything in between.

With a focus on the seemingly invisible moments, our hope is to inspire you with different ways to process your experience and create a ceremony that’s unique and meaningful to you.

From Birth to Death​
Modern, Secular Rituals​

Modern, Secular Rituals

We are re-imagining the role of ritual in our modern lives. We have researched, crafted and curated hundreds of secular and universal rituals to choose from, while being mindful of cultural appropriation.

Our rituals are descriptive not prescriptive, meaning you can add your own spiritual, religious or cultural traditions to whatever rituals you select.

Our Ceremonies

Each ceremony includes secular or universal rituals to choose from, each one designed to support or enhance your ceremonial experience. These are the ceremonies we currently offer ~ with new ones being added all the time. 

The Journey Toward Parenthood
The Invisible Moments Surrounding Fertility
Rituals for our whole self
Acknowledging Beginnings & Endings
Marking Seasons of Change
The Moments Surrounding End of Life
The Importance of Acknowledging Grief

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