Be Ceremonial

About Us

Be Ceremonial is what we wished we’d had access to during times of transition and loss. We want to empower people with a ceremonial framework that inspires creativity when it comes to ritual design. 

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team, with the support of a phenomenal team. We stumbled into ceremony after years of recurrent miscarriages and the death of a parent. We didn’t know how to grieve the seemingly invisible moments that surrounded our experience, especially since we don’t prescribe to a set religion or spiritual philosophy. We decided to craft our own rituals to acknowledge our grief in ways that felt meaningful to us. We told our story through ceremony, and then decided we wanted to make these tools more accessible to those in need. 

Our vision is to make ritual and ceremony more accessible to anyone who is searching for a way to acknowledge their story.

Megan Sheldon, Co-Founder & CEO

Megan Sheldon (she/her) is a mythologist, storyteller, and celebrant. Her passion is building community through storytelling. She’s the founder of Narrative Communications, a brand storytelling studio, and the co-founder of Seeking Ceremony and Be Ceremonial. Megan has convened hundreds of workshops, retreats, and ceremonies that span the life cycle. After her experience with recurrent miscarriages, she started to curate ceremony boxes that were donated to her local hospital to support families and transform the way we address pregnancy and infant loss. 

Johan Hoglund, Co-Founder & CTO

Johan Hoglund (he/his) is an entrepreneur and software engineer, originally from Sweden. He’s driven by a desire to solve problems, and he’s spent most of his career creating systems to better understand and address how we interact with technology. He’s passionate about slow technology and believes that technology is an instrument that can help us create the life we want. After losing his father, he realized how important it is to mark both the big moments in life as well as the smaller, less visible ones. It’s the small moments that define the life we lead, and it’s how we share those experiences that define our legacy. 

Our Team

Kate Love, Director of Learning

Kate is a Life & Loss Coach with a focus on postpartum, grief, and legacy coaching. With a background in social work, she has a passion for deep conversations around how we care for ourselves so that we can take care of others. As our Director of Learning, Kate helps develop our ritual courses and ceremony workshops, weaving in her knowledge regarding mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Ali Heibert, Ceremony Consultant

Ali is an embodiment coach and transplant advocate living in Northern Alberta, Canada. Born with a rare, genetic illness, Ali has spent her entire life navigating the medical system. She is helping Be Ceremonial develop rituals and ceremonies surrounding health and wellness, with a focus on transplantation.

Samantha Tsui, Content Creator

Samantha is a communications and marketing professional based out of Vancouver, BC. Sam believes that all milestones in life deserve to be honoured. Passionate about wellness and storytelling, her goal is to empower individuals with the tools to create authentic and meaningful rituals and ceremonies as we navigate this interesting journey called life together.

Sonja Larsen, Content Creator

Sonja is a writer in Vancouver, Canada on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. She’s passionate about helping people find and share their voice through writing. She’s a graduate of the SFU Writer’s Studio and has been published in magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. She believes stories make the world go around.

Our Circle of Advisors

We’re fortunate to have an amazing circle of advisors surrounding our vision. These are only a few of the phenomenal people who helped make Be Ceremonial what it is today:

Felicia is a visual storyteller and documentary photographer who works with birth and death doulas, midwives, and care providers to create space for grief to be felt and seen.  

Nicole is both a birth and death doula, and works as a Labor & Delivery and Hospice Nurse. She facilitates birth doula workshops and trains nursing students for Johns Hopkins University’s Birth Companions Program. 

The End of Life Doula Association of Canada has been a source of connection and support for us as we aim to shift society narratives surrounding death, dying, and grief. Thank you to the Board and all the members who have continued to support us in our efforts to make end of life rituals more accessible to those in need. 

The International Death Doula Network has been a champion of our work in the end of life space, amplifying our voice and sharing our rituals with their community. We are humbled to be part of such a diverse and intentional community of death doulas and end of. life educators. 

“We are all able to craft our own rituals. Humankind has always crafted ritual to mark special events, moments, and places. With the advent of urbanization, we became removed from this creative process as institutions took over.”