Be Ceremonial

The Gift of Ceremony

Give someone the gift of ceremony with a 1-Year Membership to Be Ceremonial and help them move through times of change with intention and meaning.

Giving a Membership

When you gift someone a 1-Year Membership to Be Ceremonial, you give them more than full access to our App; you give them the opportunity to explore the role of ritual in their own lives.

You also help them feel supported, guided and empowered to navigate their own times of change and rites of passage in ways  that feel right to them.

Gifting a Membership​
Unlock all features with an annual membership

With an Annual Membership You Can:

  • Access all daily rituals for self care
  • Create unlimited ceremonies across the lifecycle
  • Learn with virtual workshops and expert interviews
  • Attend online seasonal gatherings and special events
  • Join The Village, our online community
$59.99 USD / membership

How This Gift Works

To gift a membership, click the Purchase Gift button at the bottom of the page to open the payment page where you can select how many gifts you’d like to buy.

You will receive an email with the gift attached as a PDF containing a unique code and instructions on how to redeem the membership. You can then print the PDF or email it to the gift recipient.

How This Gift Works​
Why This Gift Matters​

Why This Gift Matters

For many people, finding time to learn about ritual and ceremony can be challenging. We don’t always know to mark the moments of change in our own lives. 

By giving someone the gift of ceremony, you’re recognizing and acknowledging what they are going through, and you’re giving them the tools they need to navigate this time of change with intention and meaning.