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The Elements of Ceremony

End of Life Ritual Training

*Please note that this course is no longer being offered. We are focusing our efforts on creating individual workshops that will be added to the Be Ceremonial app in Fall 2022.

We do offer free monthly workshops for all Be Ceremonial account holders, so please sign up here if you would like to learn more: 

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2021 Course Overview

The Elements of Ceremony​

Session 1: Introduction

Acknowledging our complicated relationship with ritual and ceremony.

Earth​ Rituals

Session 2: Earth

Exploring rituals that ground and calm us, with a focus on terminal diagnosis.

Water Rituals

Session 3: Water

Exploring rituals that open and connect us, with a focus on the days leading up to death.

Fire Rituals

Session 4: Fire

Exploring rituals that release and transform, with a focus on caring for a body after death. 

Air Rituals

Session 5: Air

Exploring rituals that purify and move us, with a focus on memorials and bereavement.

Ether Rituals

Session 6: Ether

Exploring rituals that expand and connect us, with a focus on legacy keeping.

Presented by:

Megan Sheldon

Megan Sheldon

Megan is a Celebrant, Cultural Mythologist, and End of Life Storyteller. She’s been crafting and convening ceremonies across the life cycle for years, and continues to explore the evolving nature of ritual.

Kate Love, Director of Learning​

Kate Love

Kate is a Life & Loss Coach, with a focus on grief and legacy rituals. With a background in social work, she is passionate about supporting people to avoid burnout by carving out time for self care rituals.

Tracy Chalmers​

Tracy Chalmers

Tracy is an End of Life Doula, supporting individuals and families with dying, death, and grief. Tracy also facilitates the End of Life Doula Program at Douglas College and was a founding director of EOLDAC.