End of Life Ritual Training

A 6 week virtual course for End of Life care providers and anyone interested in learning how to weave ritual & ceremony into death, dying, and grief experiences. 

$250 USD

The Elements of Ceremony

This course is open to anyone who is curious about end of life care and rituals that can support us when it comes to death, dying, and grief. Each week, we’ll explore our relationship with a different element and how it can inspire our ritual practice. 

We’ll share universal, nature-inspired rituals that span the end of life cycle, from terminal diagnosis to death anniversaries, and help you create your own self care ceremonies. We’ll provide you with an inclusive, accessible framework to draw from, and empower you to create ceremonies for yourself and for others. Together, we’ll unpack our preconceived notions surrounding ceremony & ritual, discuss cultural appropriation, and offer ritual examples surrounding end of life experiences.

Session 1: Introduction

Acknowledging our complicated relationship with ritual and how to create universal ceremony.

Session 2: Earth

Exploring rituals that ground and calm us, with a focus on terminal diagnosis.

Session 3: Water

Exploring rituals that open and connect us, with a focus on the days leading up to death.

Session 4: Fire

Exploring rituals that release and transform us, with a focus on caring for a body after death.

Session 5: Air

Exploring rituals that purify and move us, with a focus on memorials and bereavement.

Session 6: Ether

Exploring rituals that expand and create us, with a focus on death anniversaries and legacy.

Session Format

*The Summer Session is sold out. 

The Fall Session dates are TBD. There’s a combination of pre-recorded lessons and live, virtual gatherings (the gatherings are also recorded if you can’t attend).

Recorded lessons will be posted each week to watch on your own time. We strongly encouraged you to watch the lesson before joining the weekly gathering. If you cannot make the live gatherings, you can watch all of the recordings on your own time.

We have designed a virtual classroom for you to access all videos and download course materials, as well as a Community Forum for group participation. When we gather weekly, we meet via Zoom and encourage voice & video participation. There will be a combination of solo, partner, and group rituals. If you have any technical limitations, please reach out.


$250 USD

  • 12 hours of content
  • 6 recorded lessons
  • 6 live gatherings
  • Class notes & worksheets
  • Additional resources
  • Community Forum to share and connect each week
  • A Certificate of Completion


As white, cis-gendered settlers teaching about ceremony and ritual, we acknowledge the harm that’s been done to Indigenous communities around the world. We commit to unlearning and relearning how to be in right relationship with ceremony.

We cannot teach about this work without addressing the complicated and harmful history connected with ritual and ceremony. 


We offer two full scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. We also offer two 50% scholarships for anyone who requires financial support.

We will donate 5% of the proceeds from this course to the Legacy of Hope, a Canadian, Indigenous-led charitable organization that has been working to promote healing and Reconciliation in Canada since 1998.

Megan Sheldon

Megan is a cultural mythologist, storyteller, and end of life celebrant. She's been crafting and convening ceremonies across the life cycle for years, and continues to explore the evolving nature of ritual.

Kate Love

Kate is a Life & Loss coach, with a focus on grief and legacy rituals. With a background in social work, she is passionate about supporting care providers to avoid burnout and carve out rituals for self care.

Tracy Chalmers

Tracy is an End of Life Doula, supporting individuals and families with dying, death, and grief. Tracy facilitates the End of Life Doula Program at Douglas College and was a founding director of EOLDAC.

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