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Quanita Roberson

Join Megan Sheldon and Quanita Roberson for this beautifully-woven conversation about the importance of ritual when it comes to initiating adults into elderhood.

Initiating Adults Into Elderhood With Ritual

In this interview, Quanita Roberson shares her wisdom and experience initiating adults into elderhood during her 16-month program Fire & Water.

During our conversations, we explore what it means to live with and without ritual, the importance of tears, and how we can discover unique gifts through the grieving process. We also discuss the importance of marking our rites of passage and why we need to initiate adults into elderhood.

The Lack of Ritual in Elderhood

In many cultures, transitions like birth, marriage, or death are marked by rituals. These practices provide a sense of community support, a validation of the change, and a framework for moving forward with intention.

However, in our modern, often secularized societies, rituals for entering elderhood are often missing. In this interview, we explore how we can bring ritual back into this rite of passage and reimagine elderhood in new ways.

Who is Quanita Roberson?

Quanita Roberson is dedicated to forgiveness and reconciliation around the world. She is an organizational shaman, international spiritual teacher, speaker, author, and life coach.

She is a convener and practitioner of the Art of Hosting and is a keeper of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. As a water spirit, she brings the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation to the world—serving as a peacemaker and bridge builder. You can learn more about Quanita’s work at

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