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Article: Globe and Mail

Canada’s growing death care industry offers a different way to die
By Daina Lawrence

Podcast: The Social Impact Startup

Episode 62: Rituals, reimagining growth, acknowledging change & letting go of perfection with Megan Sheldon - Co-Founder & CEO, Be Ceremonial

Blog: Koru Cremation

How to bring secular rituals into life and death experiences, by Megan Sheldon

Radio: CBC The Doc Project

Rediscovering Ritual: Kent Hoffman leads a conversation with Megan Sheldon, co-founder of Be Ceremonial, and author Stephen Jenkinson.

Book: The Greater Good: Social Entrepreneurship for Everyday People

Madeleine Shaw presents an inspiring look at how a new generation of non-traditional entrepreneurs can use their personal values and vision to launch and grow world-changing ventures.

Article: CBC News

Funeral industry develops new ways of coping with loss as loved ones struggle with isolated grieving, by Joel Ballard

Article: North Shore News

Ceremony box Initiative helps parents grieving pregnancy loss, by Ben Bengtson