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Rituals to Embrace the Autumn Equinox

The autumnal equinox is our invitation to turn toward the light within.

Laura Hand ~

What is the autumn equinox?

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, and the air begins to carry a crisp, cool breeze, we welcome the Autumn Equinox in 2023. This seasonal transition, marking the midpoint between the long days of summer and the chilly nights of winter, is a time of reflection, gratitude, and preparation. Regardless of your cultural or spiritual beliefs, the Autumn Equinox is an opportunity to honor the changing of the seasons and connect with the natural world. 

The Autumn Equinox, which typically falls around September 22nd or 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere, is a celestial event that carries deep symbolic meaning. During this equinox, the length of day and night is nearly equal, signifying a perfect balance between light and dark. It’s a reminder that life is cyclical, and change is inevitable.

6 Rituals to Acknowledge the Autumn Equinox:

Harvest Feast Rituals

Harvest Feast Ritual

Invite friends and family to a festive meal that celebrates the abundance of the season. Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, pumpkins, and squash into your dishes. Take a moment to express gratitude for the harvest and the nourishment it provides. Share stories of personal growth and transformation over the year.

Leaf Collecting Rituals

Leaf Collecting Ritual

Take a leisurely walk in the woods or a nearby park to immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn. Collect fallen leaves of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Use these leaves to create artwork or a nature-inspired centerpiece for your home, reminding you of the changing seasons and the beauty of impermanence.

Balancing Stones Rituals

Balancing Stones Ritual

Find several smooth stones and gather them in a peaceful outdoor setting, such as a park or beach. Balance the stones on top of each other, symbolizing the equilibrium of the equinox. As you stack them, reflect on areas of your life where you seek balance and stability.

Candle Lighting Rituals

Candle Lighting Ritual

Light a candle at dusk to symbolize the transition from light to dark. Place it in front of a window or outside to honor the changing of the seasons. Meditate or simply take a moment to appreciate the shifting energy around you and set intentions for the months ahead.

Declutter Rituals

Declutter Ritual

Use the equinox as a motivation to declutter your living space. Donate items you no longer need to a local charity. This act of letting go can symbolize releasing what no longer serves you, making room for new opportunities and experiences.

Letter Writing Rituals

Letter Writing Ritual

Sit down with a pen and paper and write a letter to your future self. Reflect on your goals, hopes, and dreams for the upcoming season and beyond. Seal the letter in an envelope and read it next year on the Autumn Equinox to see how much you’ve grown and achieved.

The Autumn Equinox in 2023 is a reminder that change is a natural and beautiful part of life. Whether you choose to celebrate it through a feast, a nature walk, or a simple candle lighting ceremony, taking the time to acknowledge this transition can help you connect with the world around you and find balance in your own life. Embrace the changing seasons, welcome the cool embrace of autumn, and let the Autumn Equinox be a time of reflection, transformation, and renewal.

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