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Introduction to Ceremony Workshop

Our free Introduction to Ceremony workshop explores the basics of ceremony, giving you a place to start as you re-imagine your relationship with ritual.

Defining Ritual & Ceremony

Our Introduction to Ceremony workshop offers you our working definitions of ritual and ceremony so you can begin to re-imagine your own relationship with these concepts.

We define ritual as as intentional, symbolic action with the hope of creating meaning. We define a ceremony as a string of rituals brought together to acknowledge a time of change in life.

Defining Ritual & Ceremony
What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

During this workshop, we’ll guide you through our signature five stage ceremony structure, inspire you with rituals ideas, and offer you what you need to start your ceremonial journey.

At their core, rituals and ceremonies are about creating a structured experience with symbolic meaning. We help you understand this structure so you can flex your creative muscles in your own ritual design.

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