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The Elements of Ceremony Workshop

This workshop explores into the essential elements of ceremony design, including how we can craft rituals and ceremonies for ourselves and for others.

The Elements of Ceremony

During this members-only workshop, we explore the art and science of ceremony design. Megan Sheldon draws on her trainings as a Lifecycle Celebrant, End of Life Doula, and Grief & Legacy Guide to show you how you can weave together your own powerful ceremonies.

We offer you tips and techniques to better understand how you can craft and curate personal and meaningful ceremonies for yourself and for others.

The Elements of Ceremony
How Ceremonies Are Designed

How Ceremonies Are Designed

This workshop dives deeper into the way rituals and ceremonies are designed. With a focus on both traditional and modern frameworks, we invite you to reconsider your own relationship with ritual and ceremony.

We offer tangible and accessible lessons on ritual and ceremony design, including our 1-2-3-4-5 approach. This is the perfect workshop for those wishing to create more ceremonies in their own lives and the lives of others.

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